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We are a bit proud to offer you comprehensive expertise and years of experience in film production. Our expertise spans from conception and planning to production and post-production.

We see ourselves as creative minds and place great importance on ensuring that each of our films is unique and individual. With passion and dedication, we strive to captivate and enchant every viewer with our productions.

To achieve this goal, we rely on state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technologies. We have an extensive inventory that allows us to deliver the highest quality at all times.

However, we are not only specialized in large-scale productions but also in productions with a small budget. We understand that each film has its own story, and every budget is unique. Therefore, we work closely with our clients to achieve the best possible results together.

We look forward to helping you bring your ideas and visions to life and to produce unforgettable films together.

'Money alone doesn't make good films.'

Hans Günter Grenouillet

Hans Günter Grenouillet

The mind behind it

Hans Günter Grenouillet
Already active in the film and television industry since 1987


1987 – 1995

Production and broadcasting of the travel magazine ‘HOLIDAY’ on the Berlin Kabelkanal.

1988 – 1999

Founded and managed ‘TV Touring’ with regional channels in Würzburg, Aschaffenburg, and Schweinfurt, a hotel television channel, and a film production company with approximately 150 employees. The channels were sold to Müller Medien in Nuremberg in 1999 and continue to exist.

2001 – 2007

Founded and managed the ‘EURO 3 Bodenseefernsehen’ channel group in Friedrichshafen with 4 broadcast studios and approximately 65 employees. In 2007, the channel was sold to Schwäbischer Verlag. The channel still exists today under the name ‘REGIO TV.’

2007 – 2008

Restructuring and management of the ‘Rhein-MainTV’ channel.

In addition, numerous personal productions under the pseudonym ‘Jean Paul Saron’,  some of which have been awarded. For example, two productions received the State Media Award of Baden-Württemberg: a film about the ‘Bregenzer Festspiele’ and a production about Prof. von Hagens’ ‘Körperwelten’, reflecting on the theme of transience.

2018 –  2023

For the first time, four feature films and a 12-episode TV series titled ‘Schatten über dem Bodensee’ (later ‘Swiss Connections’) were produced without any funding, relying solely on equity, sponsors, and co-producers.

Since 1995 / 2014

Founded and operated the production companies CREATIV Mediengruppe in Tettnang and CREATIV SUISSE AG in Zug (CH).