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The basic idea

The 10 – part film series ARABIAN AFFAIRS – DUBAI CONNECTIONS is to be shown on the streaming platforms of NETFLIX, AMAZON etc. It is an exciting mixture of a love affair between a German woman and an Arab man, but also a crime thriller, because it is about a lot of money and power and a place of wealth, like DUBAI, naturally attracts from all countries those who believe there is something to get here, even in a criminal way.

The main protagonists KARIMA and JULIA also stand for social differences and respective sensitivities, but also for the fact that feelings and love can overcome all differences.

The actual main characters are, among others, the fantastic settings in the electrifying metropolis of DUBAI and its exotic surroundings. In addition, the series offers action and exciting, highly entertaining stories from “1000 and one nights” for the whole family. Of course, this film series is also a great advertisement for DUBAI and the Arabian

The concept

It is the contrast between the Arabic and the European world that is the attraction in this series. The exotic flair of DUBAI in contrast to the typical German financial capital FRANKFURT is just as invigorating and exciting as the 2 main protagonists – JULIA, the German tourism manager and KARIMA, the son of a well-off Arab business family, who come from different worlds, but begin to know and love the other world and origin.

The series shows the Arab world, characterized by tradition and progress. We experience special locations in Dubai, such as museums, old neighborhoods, fish market, shipping and also the future project DUBAI 10X

KARIMA has the ambition to prove to his heavily rich father that he can become successful on his own. To do this, he risks a lot on the stock market and gets involved in risky business. This eventually leads to great difficulties and dangers. JULIA is the department manager of an international tourism company. She travels all over the world and therefore she has only few lasting relationships. When she meets KARIMA she realize how lost and without solid ties she is jetting through the world. She is determined to change that and take some time off to get to know KARIMA and life in Dubai better. Besides happy moments JULIA suddenly is kidnapped. A chase begins, through the entire Arab Emirates…

The beginning...

Episode 1

Our story begins with Julia, flying from Frankfurt to Dubai to sign new contracts with the Arab Minister of Tourism. She is always fascinated by the magic of the Arab region and loves to travel there. In Dubai she is first met by Karima the minister‘s assistant and taken to her hotel – the gigantic Burj Al Arab. During the next days he shows her everything that has been newly developed since her last stay. Karima is chosen as the firstborn to take over his father‘s business at some point. He makes big investments worldwide. As the minister‘ s right-hand man, he is currently gaining his first experience in politics. Julia feels that something has to change in her life. She wants to arrive somewhere right. Why not here in Dubai? The Minister of Tourism is very fond of her. It is about million dollar deals and Julia manages to convince him. They have a wonderful time and she enjoys her new freedom. In the meantime Karima has gambled away at the stock exchange and urgently needs capital. It gets even worse, because Julia is kidnapped…

Episode 2

To be continued…

Typology of the most important protagonists envisaged in the film

Data & facts




1 series with 10 episodes, approx. 45 minutes each and 2 feature films.


The best time for outdoor shooting is November to March. Shooting indoors could begin in April.

Production time:

The production time is about 6 months.

Post production:

The post – production time is also about 6 months.


The scripts could be ready in several months.


We will find suitable actors in Europe and in Arabia. In addition, we also expect actors from the circle of co-producers. We always find needed extras on the spot.

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