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The authentic crime thriller


Genre: Feature film (4 standalone parts)
Total duration: approx. 450 minutes

Genre: Series (12 episodes)
Total duration: approx. 600 minutes (approx. 45-50 minutes per episode)

RegioTV: ‘Shadows in Paradise’ / ‘SWISS CONNECTIONS’

Private detective Max Marek, with the help of his girlfriend Simone, a police officer, and Helen, his assistant, is on an intense pursuit of criminals in the Lake Constance region.

One unique aspect of this ‘crime-light’ series is that there are no murderers or corpses, but instead, it offers stunning locations around the Lake Constance region encompassing Switzerland, Austria, and Germany, along with action, suspense, and humor – essentially a colorful blend of ‘Tatort’ and ‘Traumschiff’ (Dream Ship).

In addition to talented up-and-coming actors, well-known faces and names also appeared in various roles as special guests. Germany’s most renowned plastic surgeon Prof. Dr. Werner Mang, Wolfgang Pauritsch, known from the ZDF series ‘Bares für Rares’ (Cash for Collectibles), author Gaby Hauptmann, and Matthias Reim, famous for ‘Verdammt ich lieb Dich’ (Damn, I Love You), were happy to be a part of it.

All in all, it’s a film for lovers of thrilling stories and a unique way of life.

The story

Episode 1

The Lake Constance region is not as peaceful as it seems. A series of sophisticated crimes are being committed. There is a break-in at the MAC Museum in Singen, and 5 Ferraris are stolen. Additionally, one of the oldest books in the German language, the ‘Abrogans,’ is stolen from the St. Gallen Abbey Library. Private detective Max Marek, his girlfriend Simone from the German Criminal Police, and his assistant Helen are on the hunt for the ‘Don of Lake Constance,’ Gregor Canalis.

Episode 2

Helen works undercover to gather more information about Gregor Canalis. The famous German singer Matthias Reim becomes entangled in a spectacular extortion scheme during the Bregenz Festival, where explosives are placed near the stage. Max suffers an acid attack and is saved at the last minute by Professor Mang, the head of the Lake Constance Clinic.

Episode 3

During the local carnival, four gangsters disguised as witches rob a bank in Friedrichshafen. Due to the psychological trauma from the acid attack, Max leaves the region, and his mother Andrea Marek takes over his detective agency along with her nephew Mike. A young woman named Joy, who apparently has a history with Mike, persuades him to steal a famous painting with her. Meanwhile, there is a new boss in town here at Lake Constance: Jo Rammlinger!

Episode 4

Joy tries to seduce the art patron Robin von Wilcke. While she is dating him, Mike steals Robin’s painting. The well-known Austrian auctioneer Wolfgang Pauritsch auctions off the painting. Surprisingly, Robin also appears at the auction, and Mike and Joy are in danger of being arrested. Jo Rammlinger has a 1.5 million-dollar vintage Cobra stolen.

Episode 5

An organized gang hijacks the tourist sailboat ‘Lädine’ and robs its affluent passengers. Turi von Rickenbach’s Cobra sports car is stolen, and as Andrea Marek tries to recover it, their relationship becomes closer, arousing suspicion in Turi’s wife. Turi and Jo Rammlinger increasingly become rivals in car racing competitions, where huge profits are at stake. Robin discovers Turi’s stolen painting, which he purchased at an auction. Turi employs a trick to provide Robin with a deceptively authentic copy.

Episode 6

Turi’s daughter Severina is kidnapped by Jo Rammlinger, and Turi has to pay a ransom of 2 million dollars. And because he keeps losing to Turi, Jo unleashes two gangsters on him, who not only steal his Lamborghini but also nearly burn him alive. Professor Mang rescues him by helicopter and takes him to his clinic just in the nick of time.

Episode 7

An epic showdown takes center stage in this episode between Turi and Jo Rammlinger. The ‘Godfather’ gets beaten up by a notorious biker gang, and Turi dreams of one final Spaghetti Western-style duel against Jo. Joy does everything she can to win Mike back after once again betraying him.

Episode 8

It turns out that the art patron Robin von Wilcke is also a drug dealer who profits from cannabis production in Switzerland. During a bank heist, a valuable Dali painting is stolen. The bank collaborates with the company Mercator, which is supposed to manage the capital and assets of deceased bank customers. However, as journalist Edgar Hofmann discovers, the company does not operate as legitimately as it claims.

Episode 9

Jo Rammlinger also wants to enter the cannabis business. Not amused by Jo’s interference, Robin has him kidnapped and forces him to work for him. When Robin realizes that his painting is indeed a forgery, he threatens Mike and demands that he procure the original. So Mike must find a solution. Journalist Hofmann discovers that the bank does not conduct itself as legitimately as it claims. A valuable Da Vinci sketch is stolen from the ‘Body Worlds’ exhibition.

Episode 10

Jo Rammlinger also wants to enter the arms trade, but it becomes quite dangerous. Mike has stolen the Da Vinci sketch from the ‘Body Worlds’ exhibition in Zurich and can sell it for a substantial sum. His uncle Alfred, also a private detective, approaches him. At the end of the episode, a showdown takes place on the 2,500-meter-high summit of the ‘Säntis’ mountain between Jo Rammlinger and Robin. It appears as if Jo is plummeting to his death…

Episode 11

Private detective Mike Marek and his partner Caro break up. He meets the attractive Esther and gets involved in several well-paid jobs with her. The gangster Jo Rammlinger continues his criminal activities and seeks revenge against his rival Robin von Wilke. A spectacular meeting point for the money exchange is the 1,500-meter-high elevator in the Bürgenstock Resort. Then he places a bomb on a businessman’s plane and blackmails him for 1 million dollars.

Episode 12

The CERN, Switzerland’s innovation center located in Geneva, is the backdrop for this thrilling episode. A compulsive gambler professor intends to sell a sensational invention – unfortunately, to the wrong side. Mike Marek is tasked with preventing this. Jo Rammlinger organizes the spectacular theft of a HUNTER fighter-bomber. A reckoning unfolds between Jo and Robin, during which Jo loses his stolen money and faces elimination by Luca Brasi. The entire season concludes in a ‘Pretty Woman’ style 😉 …

Illustrations for the series


‘Metamorphoses’ is conceived as a TV documentary and showcases intriguing individuals from various, primarily artistic fields. The documentaries are deliberately designed to be entertaining, making them not only intended for art experts but especially targeted towards a general audience interested in art.

The cinematic portrait of the inventor of 'PLASTINATION':

Genre: Documentary
Total duration: 60 minutes

Gunther von Hagens’ globally renowned exhibitions ‘Body Worlds’ have fascinated more than 50 million visitors. In 2002, we were able to record an exclusive interview with him, which served as the basis for this documentary. In the interview, Gunther von Hagens outlines his long and arduous journey towards his invention, which became a revolution in anatomy. In 2006, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, affecting his motor skills and speech. Additionally, we later filmed scenes in various ‘Body Worlds’ exhibitions and conducted interviews with Gunther’s wife, Dr. Angelina Whalley, who serves as the curator responsible for the exhibition design and the intricate production of plastinates at the Plastination Center in Guben. Furthermore, the documentary raises questions about the meaning of existence, reflections on impermanence, and initiates a journey towards self-discovery.

Michel Cabaret: The painter of love, death and solitude

Genre: Documentary
Total duration: 30 minutes
YouTube: ‘The Painter of Love, Death, and Solitude’

The film was produced in 2001 and showcases the painter Michel Cabaret in his chosen home of Nice. He came there ‘because of the unique light’ and opened his studio in the beautiful old town. He often and gladly philosophizes about his essential themes, such as death, love, and solitude. His painting has evolved into a more ecstatic performance, where, for example, he threw sand and paint onto the canvas in one night, giving rise to a colossal bull. We joined him at the hometown festival of the city of Arles, the ‘Reis Feria’, ‘the festival of all aficions’, and intertwined the bullfight scenes with Andalusian dance and his painting.

Max Cartier: In search of connections

Genre: Documentary
Total duration: 30 minutes
YouTube: ‘Connections’

The film was produced in 2002 and features Max Cartier, who worked as an actor in the 1960s with directors like Lucino Visconti and Francesco Rosi. He appeared alongside Alain Delon in ‘Rocco and His Brothers’. He initially planned to run a restaurant with Delon and Romy Schneider. However, over time, he discovered his true calling – capturing time and space through various forms of ‘connections’. For instance, he wrapped the old projector in front of the Palais des Festivals in Cannes with metal film strips or used iron bars to connect four airplane engines from World War II. His sculpture representing the three world religions is intertwined. One of the highlights of his work is a massive stone figure, weighing 25 tons, called ‘Le Voyageur’ in front of Nice Airport.

Tomek Kawiak: 'The long march' – in the footsteps of emperor Xiang

Genre: Documentary
Total duration: 30 minutes
YouTube: ‘In the Footsteps of Emperor Xiang’

The film was produced in 2002 and features the Polish artist who came to France in the 1970s. He has since fulfilled his dream of interpreting the ‘icon’ of capitalism for him – JEANS, which were unattainable for people in the Eastern Bloc, in various forms as sculptures. Hundreds of jeans sculptures made of clay, bronze, and other materials have been created and shared with the world. At the time of filming, we accompanied him to Hong Kong and Shenzhen, where he intends to bury the ‘Jeans soldiers’ in the footsteps of Emperor Xiang and his famous Terracotta Army.

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Promotional Videos

As a professionally experienced team, we create dynamic content for corporate presentations, websites, various social media platforms, and much more.

The CREATIV MEDIAGROUP also develops and executes complex subject matter and concepts aimed at being ‘understood’ by the audience. Through creative design, your company or products/services gain the desired attention.

Below, you will find a few examples of our numerous productions:

ZF Friedrichshafen AG

Genre: Company image film
Total duration: 3 minutes
YouTube: ‘ZF Friedrichshafen AG (Company Film)’

Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen

Genre: Museum image film
Total duration: 3 minutes
YouTube: ‘Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen’

Golf Club Oberstaufen Steibis

Genre: Golf club image film
Total duration: 3 minutes
YouTube: ‘Golfclub Oberstaufen Steibis’

You can find many more examples of company, product, and service presentations on our YouTube channel.