Special Screening at the Lindau Cinema

We are showing our very first movie, “Shadows over Lake Constance,” exclusively once again at the Parktheater Lindau.

The screening dates are as follows: Wednesdays and Fridays at 5 PM.

August 23rd, August 25th, September 1st, September 8th, September 13th.

The Lake Constance region is evidently not as peaceful as it seems. A series of clever crimes are taking place here. For instance, gangsters from the MAC MUSEUM in Singen steal five valuable FERRARIs that were intended for an exhibition. And it gets even more intense with a million-dollar ransom demand from the BREGENZ FESTSPIELE, where there is a threat to blow up the festival stage. Unwillingly involved in all this is MATTHIAS REIM (a german singer), who with his yacht becomes a crucial ally.

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